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Maling Road Autoclassico 

Maling Road Auto Classico is being held on Sunday 18th August and this years event will focus on ensuring we have a broader appeal of Classic and Modern sports and collectable cars - covering many marquees, to ensure we have a tremendous blended mix of European, UK, Italian, American, Australian classics covering all the popular classics and selected moderns.

A sample of the marquees that will be strongly represented are as follows: Porsche, Mercedes, Most of the Italian car clubs - via the Italian Auto Icons participation, MG, Rover, Lotus, Austin Healey, Jaguar, BMW, Cobra etc. On top of this we have some well known private collectors who have committed to display some cars rarely seen - these will be in a special area set aside. Dutton Garage will also feature some cars, plus some extra special cars from a well known private collector, as wel as Shannons.

Overall we have plans for 160 classics. We are also featuring some classic bikes and are in advanced discussions with some key marque's.

Maling Road is unique, and as one blogger wrote - the event is unique as these classics are driven to the event, parked in a street/village atmosphere, where they are seen as they are meant to be - in real life. The Maling Road event is reminiscent of the European Events where classic/modern cars take over a village square.

The Maling Road ENTIRE shopping precinct is closed off - with no through traffic - just these classic cars and people to mingle. This year will be our biggest yet. Entertainment will be provided to create a carnival event atmosphere. Free to the public.

Event Date: 18/8/19
date posted: 13/8/19

Venue Maling Road
Suburb Canterbury
State VIC


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