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Streetcars and Foodtrucks 

The Latrobe Valley Street Machiners present the Latrobe Valley Streetcars and food trucks on Saturday evening 15 February 2020. Well StrEATcars n Foodtrucks was such a hit - we’re doing it all again. Sitting on the grass eating all that fantastic foodtruck food, sipping on a local beer or wine, the sensational acoustic local music in the massive marquee - and no structured parking. You appreciated the full time security, the free water, and you got to park with your mates and see tough street machines. So next February it’ll go longer into the night and there will be twice the room, plus even more food trucks. Again, no trophies, no goodie bags + no stress.

Event Date: 15/2/20
date posted: 4/2/20

Organised by The Latrobe Valley Street Machiners Inc.
State VIC


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