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Feature vehicle

Ford  Falcon XY Sedan
 1971 model Classic 4 doors
Posted by: popeye
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Date updated:18/12/09
Num of cylinders  8
Engine Capacity  5.8 L
Exterior Colour Track Red
Interior Colour Black
Car Details Ford Falcon XY GT rep
Other owners My son who is 9 years old at the moment.
When did you purchase/build this vehicle 2005
Why did you purchase/build this vehicle Loved them since I was young,and had ride in freinds dads
How often do you drive the vehicle As often as I can .
Thats what they were built for Grand Tourer.(GT)
What are the best features of this vehicle The way it makes you feel when you start it up and drive it.
What vehicle would you replace this vehicle with For a better one,or an original one.
What should a prospective buyer look for if considering the purchase of a similar vehicle Take some one who knows about this type of vehicle when looking around.

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