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Chrysler  Valiant Pacer 245
 1970 model Classic 2 doors
Posted by: bowz
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Date updated:16/8/07
Num of cylinders  6
Engine Capacity  4.1 L
Exterior Colour red
Interior Colour red
Car Details 1970 2 door pacer fitted a fresh 265 worked motor. As you can tell the has been modified to my tastes.
Full rebuild both inside and out, please enjoy.
When did you purchase/build this vehicle 2003
Why did you purchase/build this vehicle I have always liked the shape of the two door coupe, low and long.
How often do you drive the vehicle Maybe once a month
What are the best features of this vehicle Everthing
What vehicle would you replace this vehicle with I had an original xygt before this. That would be the only car i would replace the val with.
What should a prospective buyer look for if considering the purchase of a similar vehicle How much money can they spend
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